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Our Services

We offer timber fencing in a number of heights 1.8m, 1.95m, 2.1m and more. Using 2.7m high hard wood posts to ensure stability and longevity of your fence.


Timber fencing

Pull down & Removal

Standard timber fencing

All our posts are secured through using 1/2 bag of quality cement & crushed rock.
Palings, plinth & rails are all treated pine with all timber fencing, we can also provide pull down & rounded of your old fence at additional cost.

Colorbond fencing

We offer colorbond fencing in a range of heights & profile colors.

All our colorbond fences one built using top quality steel ensuring that they last through the seasons.

All our colorbond posts are secured using  1/2 bag of quality cement & crushed rock. Our parts are 2.7m high as standard to prevent moving at over time.

For additional security we also offer 65mmX65mm

Parts at additional cost

With all colorbond fencing we can offer pull down & removal of your old fence at additional cost.


We offer gates in many different signs and types.

  • Single gates
  • Double gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Motorised sliding gates (Solar Panel or 2400V)

All our gate frames are custom built to suit your requirements and made from top quality steel.

Our gates can be made with timber, marrow,  colorbond or picket.

We also offer security pool fencing and gates.

Retaining walls

As a standard, we offer 100mmX75mm sleepers, secured using heavy duty galvanized steel retaining  wall posts.

We can provide sleepers in a range of different sizes to suit your requirements.

Excavation & landscaping

At Nailed It we offer excavation & landscaping works, even for tight access jobs.

We can provide many different landscaping and gardening products such as

  • Plants, trees, succulents, artificial grass
  • Outdoor panel

We can supply everything you need along with ideas & advice for your gardening makeover.


Our decking can be built using standard timber or mod-wood made to your requirements.

All our decks are constructed using heavy duty stumps bearers and joists along with galvanized screws.

Along with building your deck, we also offer staining & cleaning to maintain your deck.